In the future, humans will evolve into monkeys with the aid of technology and machinery.

We have become a generation that is free to express our emotions because we are no longer constrained by ethical, legal, and other standards.

I ______ into a monkey

I looked at the mirror where reflecting myself sitting on the bed. I found out I turn into a monkey.

I’m trying to get dressed, just like a human.

I found myself in a mirror of the street shop where I crawling on the street with my monkey tail.

The diner was reflected in a mirror on the wall at the end of the table. I am the only one that have monkey tail.

Fit in with the crowd, yet people will still be able to notice me.

I saw my reflection in the glass door of the convenience store.

I always see my reflection when I pass a car.

I noticed myself crawling like a monkey in a tiny pond as I was passing it.

People often see me through the car windows.

Use mirror, glass and water reflection to show the image of evoluted monkey-man.

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